Saturday, August 22, 2015

Computer shortcut keys in Hindi

ctrl+A      (Select all )
ctrl+S      (Save file)
ctrl+Z      (Undo )
ctrl+Y      (Redo)
ctrl+X      (Cut selacted text)
ctrl+C      (Copy  selacted text)
ctrl+V      (Paste salected text)
ctrl+B      (Bold Salected Text)
ctrl+N      (New file select)
ctrl+R      (Go to Run)
ctrl+F      (Open Find Box)
ctrl+I       (Italic Salected text)
ctrl+K      (Insert Link)
ctrl+ U     (Underline Salected text)
ctrl+P      (Open print window)
ctrl+Delete   (Delete salacted)
ctrl+ ;       (Inter the current date)
ctrl+1      (Open the format cells window)

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